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My tuning adventures!


Boost Junky
2007 CWP Mazdaspeed3
Ah so finally, after everything being installed and having the kinks worked out (atleast all the big ones and most of the little ones) I got tuned last night.

Went to DL Motorsports and had Mike Diel do the tuning for me. First off I gotta say Mike is a awesome tuner, definately knows what hes doing, and would recommend him 110% and if I had to do it all over again for tuning, I wouldnt change a thing!

Got to Mikes in the evening and he was finishing up a Mustang tune and waited around, got food and everything in anticipation for my session to begin. Once i got in for tuning it was gonna be a funnnn ride! lol

- Made 52hp/39tq over stock
- at one point i boosted 15psi and basically crapped my pants for that split second
- AFRs were pretty darn good and drivablity is amazing on WOT and Part Throttle
- The unichip is actually a pretty good unit and can be tuned fairly easily by the tuner. Its not a POS as alot of people claim. The bigger issue is with the stock ECU and it trying to adjust itself in what it wants to do. Seems like we foundout where VICS/VTCS coding comes in on the ECU and that was a bit of a battle to get thru and smoothen out
- We went up to 1:15am tuning
- Didnt hit the 200whp that i wanted, but i got more pep/fun/reliability out of the car. Although Mike said i could hit 200 with more tuning and being a bit more ballsy, he and i both agree to tread on the safeside of the waters.
- Again 15psi on a stock block is scary for that split second (i'll post up the videos and pics later...the reaction was hillarious)

So all in all, she is what she is and for the most part I am pretty damn happy with it. For a stock block econo box its pretty fun and fast and pulls hard. I'll post up more pics and the videos later. Any questions or anything shoot them away!!!


Stock Dyno

After all was said and done!
13 MX-5
Damn, you dyno'ed with the RX-8 wheels? I bet you would've made a little more power. Yeah, what are your mods and how much boost were you running?


Boost Junky
2007 CWP Mazdaspeed3
-Injen CAI (converted to SRI) w/ Dryflow Filter
-BEGi FMIC w/ Turbo XS BOV and Forge Diverter Valve (Dual Setup)
-Steedspeed Exhaust Manifold (CNCed Manifold with Tubular inside design)
-Corksport S Pipe
-Vibrant Turbo Back Exhaust (techically its from the S pipe back)
-Separated Vac sources for BPV/BOV/Boost Gauge
-Unichip with D Module
-626 Intake Manifold (ported a bit (gasket matching mostly))
-440cc WRX Injectors
-Unichip Boost Controller
-Medievil Pullies (Crank, Water Pump and Alt, stock size but lightweight)

Are the mods and i was running just under 10 psi...

was shooting more for reliability and more under the curve area then raw all out peak power.