My 93 b2600i shakes while driving

Hi all, Im new to the forum, I have 2, going on 3 Mazda's in my collection, a 2013 Mazda 3 gx 2L auto, a 1993 Mazda b2600i 4x4 le-5 5 speed, an a soon 1983 Mazda rx-7 with a Mariah wide body kit, but I have a issue with my truck.
when I bought this project, I bought it for 400 dollars, it didnt run and was on 31's, all it needed was a fuel pump, so i replaced it and tada it lives, so time went by and im nearing the completeion of my truck project, but the current issue is, when im driving the truck, im getting a shake in the front end, I thought that it was a wheel bearing which it probably still is, but the front left cv half shaft that goes into the wheel side is a lil loose, heres what I mean...
would you know what part it would need? I had so many people give me random parts from the cv half shaft, inner bearing race, inner bearing, inner and outer bearing, axle nut, wheel hub and cv boot, Im so confused on which part it needs, I can easily order the part, the shaft going into the wheel end cant come out completely but it can come out that tiny bit