Mx-3 build about to begin.

2007 Mazdaspeed 3
So figured I would start a thread now to motivate me even more on this build. Haha. I know it's an unusual car for a project but that's what I wanted. The car obviously is a 1994 Mazda Mx-3. I had one so many years ago before my Speed 3's and Speed Protege's and for a little car was very impressed by. I purchased this one originally as a daily driver when I had my 2012 Speed 3. But thanks to unfortunate circumstances (aka an ex letting her brother destroy it while I was away) I lost the Speed 3 and now have a Cx-5. Enough rambling though the purpose of this build is mainly going to be to build an auto-cross car, but as well to do something different and bring some love and respect back to an unrecognized Mazda. This is going to be my first serious build. So any help or opinions will be very much appreciated.