MUST SELL 2002 Turbocharged MP5

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I must sell this 2002 Mazda Protege5. I just had my uncle pass away this week and my family does not have the funds to pay for the funeral.
I'm asking $11,000/OBO for the vehicle. I took some quick pics of today before I headed out the house. Have more pics I can take for ppl that
are seriously interested.

I was building the Car for Redline Time Attack for 2009 Season but I need to take care of the family first. The only things wrong with the Vehicle is the front bumper needs to get some work done and painted and I did an Auto to Manual Swap and the dash wiring harness I ordered from Mazda Dealer was the wrong one for my car and they won't refund my money. There is only
one owner on the vehicle. It has 69,000 miles and I'm on the second motor since I blew the first one around 25,000+ miles. The manual transmission I swapped in is from a 2003 MSP that I purchased from Metallic36 on the forums.

I might part out the Vehicle depending on demand of parts. Serious inquires only PLEASE

(440) 382-7465

The List of Parts on the MP5:


1. MintBlue Bodykit
2. Mintblue Eye lids
3. Tcsportline Carbon Fiber Mirrors
4. Vis racing Carbon fiber hood
5. Sparco Fuel door (custom)
6. Carbon fiber taillights
7. Shaved door handles (all 4 Doors)
8. 18 Konig Hotswaps W/ Yokohama spec 2 tires 215/35/zr18
9. Eibach Prokit


1. 2 9inch Visor TV's
2. 7inch flipout dvd Tv
3. 7inch indash tv
4. Alpine door Speakers
5. Faze Guages (Boost, Air/fuel, Volt)
6. Suede headliner
7. Autopower Rollcage
8. Greddy turbo timer
9. Greddy emanage (still in box never installed)
10. Nrg(red) Steering wheel release kit
11. Tenzo R Tracer steering wheel (red)
12. Dave B gauge rings
13. Empiretuning Short throw shifter


1. OBX turbo manifold
2. Custom 2.5 Downpipe and dumppipe from wastegate
3. Corksport Radiator
4. Master Power T3/T4 .50 trim Turbo
5. Injen intake
6. HKS SSQV blowoff valve

Here are some pics:
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it's neoX, not neoN lol
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good luck eric, best of luck to you in the sale

*bump* for a good guy, he's helped me out a lot in my project and is a top-notch seller


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Thanks. I know someone wants a project car.

I'm asking $11,000 OBO name me a price that doesnt sound ridiculous!


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Alright ppl I'm going to part out the car since theirs no interest for the car right now and I need to take of the funeral ASAP. Shoot me a list of parts ppl want off the car and I'll take pics later on today for each part as I take it off the car.


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sorry for your loss... i would like that coil pack setup you have with the wires... pm me a price, ps how close are you to columbus?


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possibly interested on the wheels / and springs * will the springs work on my es protege ?Sorry for your looss by the way


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Sorry about your loss his stuff people, bump for a great seller and helpful friend.


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interested in your turbo kit depending on how much you want for it, and what you are using for engine management


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i have dibs on the gauge rings.
and the hks depending on the price and if he wants to sell.
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Alright ppl I have to put the partout on hold. I just had a couple local ppl stop by to check out the car. One of the guys is going to try and get a loan to buy the car off me.

To everyone interested in the parts I'll get a list together to post up if the transaction does not go thru. Pics will follow and to those who posted above
I'll shoot you a pm. Thanks

Postpond until further notice.
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