MSP part out

I'd like to sell as a whole but will part out if necessary. Engine had the rod thrown threw the block and after 2 engine rebuids over the past 3 years I'm giving up. Clutch, water pump, oil pump, all belts, maf, coil packs and 8mm wires, turbo, pistons (if they're still good) have less than 7,000 miles on them. Engine rebuild was supposed to be forged but after looking at receipts it looks like they only put forged pistons. The car has a front mount intercooler with hard pipes and a greddy type rs vta bov. Exterior is probably a 6 out of 10 and interior is 9 out 10. Looking to get $2,000 as is.


MSP 03.5
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I'm listening to ALL offers for the car. Turbo is currently the only item sold. would like to get rid of as a whole if possible.


Mazda Protege5
How much for header and downpipe? Shipping to Europe (The Netherlands) possible? Shippingcosts on me ofcourse. USPS shipment seems to be the most affordable.