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MSP LSD Question

2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege #1827
So, I turn my wheels when the front is jacked up. And only the tire I'm spinning is spinning.

If I have lsd isn't both wheels suppose to spin?

If its broken what's a way to fix it?

Transmission recommendations with lsd drop ins if mine is broke?

Would like shorts gears for faster boost with a reasonable 5th gear for hwy.

Thanks in advance!
2003.5 MazdaSpeed Protege, 2002 Protege 5, 2003 Protege ESGT
The easiest way to tell is if you get one wheel burnouts or excessive push in corners on throttle.

Plate style lsd would allow dif action off the throttle and lock the outdrives on throttle.
There are no drop in options for transmissions. Custom ratios are attainable by purchasing custom gearsets from par or mfactory.
Lsd failure on these cars is common when the lsd shears apart but the car won't be able to move if this happens. Otherwise the plates wear out and the dif loses its lsd characteristic and becomes an open dif at all times. Perfectly safe though.

Trabs work is quite expensive, if your looking for "ratio adjustment" play with tire size.
Good example would be to reduce tire circumferance to get short gears up to 4 and swap to 626 5th gear for hwy.

Otherwise your looking at custom gears at $800 each. Or mfactory final drive at $500 I think. But I guess if your in there to change to.mfactory lsd it could be worth it.
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