MSP ECU & Cluster, P5 Silver Spoiler

Picked these from the junkyard a while ago. Had plans to adapt the spoiler on to different car. Abandoning those dreams and purchased a pre-made spoiler.

Photo Album Here!!!
The rest of the images are HUGE and will annoy users on the hot linking. This is one that isn't too bad.





2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Front door sill covers (MS logo somewhat rubbed) - !!!SOLD!!!$30 shipped lower 48!!!SOLD!!!
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Cluster (Unknown mileage) - !!!SOLD!!!$100 shipped!!!SOLD!!!
(Cluster is in decent overall shape. Looks like something rumbled around near the bottom of the glass, a pen maybe? There are some light surface scratches around the face other then the lower scratch pattern.)
2003 Protege5 Rear Hatch Spoiler Painted Silver - $65 buyer pays actual shipping cost

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Manual ECU with pigtail wires and plug - !!!SOLD!!!$110 shipped!!!SOLD!!!

(Spoiler overall in good usable condition. Some light nick and scuffs from where and tear. Majority could probably be polished out easy enough. Brake like wiring and mounting hardware still intact.)
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Mazda Protege 5
Updated my email contact info. Sending email thru the forum is probably the best way to be in contact.
Mazda Protege 5
ECU SOLD! Will update thread again this afternoon to reupload pictures and MSP front door sill covers.