MSM 04 red mazdaspeed miata part out

MSM 04 red mazdaspeed miata part out

Hey guys, I picked up a 04 mazdaspeed miata to part out. shoot me a PM or email me for anything you want. my email and paypal is

I put together this list of everything I could think of. I set the prices at what I think is fair. if you need something not on the list just ask. I will try to keep this updated as things sell. And feel free to make offers.

well this didnt paste as nicely as I hoped. if you dont see it, just ask.

Turbo stuff: (basically complete bolt on turbo kit for a 93-05 miata) 800
Down Pipe
water lines
oil lines
Hoses, connectors, heat shields, etc

Engine Management
MAF 45
Harness 135
MSM boost sensor 25
MSM OEM purple 300cc/min injectors 95
factory MSM COP's 65
starter 45
alternator 45

Engine and drivetrain
MSM head with cams (does not include valve cover) 300
MSM red Engine/valve Cover 45
MSM oil cap Aluminum, shiny aluminum with Mazdaspeed logo 15
transmission, 6 speed with shifter 500
Motor Mounts 30
Stock intake manifold with TB & sensors 80
LSD rear end complete with axles Dibs
muffler looks like an aftermarket, not sure what brand 50
midpipe & CAT 80
PS pump 25
AC compressor 25
AC condensor 30
radiator 50
radiator fans Dibs

Susupension and brakes
Front Sway Bar (OEM MSM) = 23mm (base = 22mm) 60
rear sway bar (OEM MSM) = 14mm (base = 11mm) Dibs
OEM Racing Hart 17x7" Alloy Wheels 250
205/40-17 falken sumptin tires (each). Three are in great shape, the 4th not so much 25
MSM Bilstien shocks and springs strut assemblies with top hats (springs are 215f/158r lb/in = 33% stiffer than base miata) 200
Strut brace 80
steering rack 65
MSM brake swap complete calipers, brackets, rotors, lines, etc 200
Control arms (per corner) 100

Mazdaspeeed Pedals 90
bose stereo system headunit and speakers (OMG this system rocks!) 325
radio surround with pocket and HVAC controls 25
Mazdaspeed door sills 80
Steering Wheel (no airbag) 75
Seats (each) (black with red inserts, these are in great shape, the PO had covers on them their whole life) 150
seat belt assemblies (each) 15
Door panels (each) (red inserts to match seats) 45
OEM gauge cluster 50
red Mazdaspeed rear view mirror (glass is cracked) 20
Center console, dual cupholder, with shift boot 45
glove box 25
Shift knob 8
Dash (no airbag) 100
Top cover (that snaps on and covers the top while folded, its in GREAT shape, looks like it wasn't ever used) 45
power window regulators (each) 45

door (each) 100
hood 100
trunk with wing (let me know if you want wing separate) 100
rear bumper cover 100
Tail light (each) 35
headlight (each) Dibs
Complete convertible top (in great shape, no cracks, rips, tears, folds and latches nice and easy) 300
rear view mirrors (each) 35
Chrome hardtop mounts and bolts 25
Front Lip Dibs

List Date: 10/11/2013

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is the valve cover still available. just saw your post. i dont hardly get on here. probably will start to more often since i work for mazda now. probably could be a big help to everyone on here and vise versa. since i dont do well with forums...navagation wise. kinds confusing to me actually. just hit my phone up if still available. 513.646.7029. also i must of missed whole thread why are you parting out. seems to be in decent shape from picture. title issues or something.? hope to hear from you.