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MS6 Fluid Notes & DIY Pictures

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 GT
OK, ordered the Redline MT90 through Amazon. Should get it by 11 MAY. I'm going to stockpile fluids (this, rear diff, and coolant) and change them all at the same time.
mazdaspeed 6 GT,2006
i just change the oil for the rear diff. for the first time at 104,000 the oil i replace look like new i drive 98 % hwy. i put 80/90 synthetic.valvolin is the only oil i found in advance auto parts or auto zone
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I know it says use 1.3 for the PTO and 1.1 for the Rear Diff my question is will this amount make it to the bottom of the fill hole? Like can I fill till it starts comming out or no? Thanks for the help!


2006 Speed6 #3476
I remember it being pretty much spot on, and the numbers are factory reference for a fresh fill. A few report using less, most likely if they don't drain the old out completely
should i worry about anything if dumb ass mazda put part synthetic in my car today when i asked for full synthetic???


ya ya ya boost junkie!!!
should i worry about anything if dumb ass mazda put part synthetic in my car today when i asked for full synthetic???
i dont think so. should be fine. i used to run full synthetic. now i just run good ol dinosuar boners.


16 CX-5, Old: 06 Mazdaspeed6, 08 CX-7, 01 Protege ES/Mp3wannabe
the original fill for this car si motorcraft semi-syn, so thats probably what they used. no harm done. thats what i use since UOAs show good results and its CHEAP.

Jay Davidson

What a Duke-tastrophe...
2006 VRM Mazdaspeed6 GT, 1983 RX-7 GSL
I did my oil, tranny, and rear diff this weekend. Here are a few impressions:

1. This was the first time doing my own oil. I've done all sorts of other things to my cars in the past, but I've never changed my own oil. I will be doing it myself from now on (at least in the summer months). Not only was it half the price, but I know what went in it.

2. ...I also know what came out of it. I will not be going long intervals any more between changes. That ish was nasty.

3. As for the tranny/PTO/rear diff, 23mm and 24mm box wrenches will work great all the way around, except for the PTO fill bolt. There is a frame cross-member that is right in the way. You'll want a 24mm socket for that one, perhaps with an extension. Whatever you do, though, make sure you can get at the fill bolt before you unscrew the drain bolt. :)

4. Personally, I didn't notice anything different in the way the car shifts. I can tell you, however, that I will sleep a little bit better at night knowing that all the fluids are brandy-new.

What intervals are recommended to change out the transmission, transfer case, and rear diff gear oil? My friend said that the transfer case and rear diff oil only need to be changed (on most cars) if there is a problem or every 100,000 miles or so.

Also, is there any sort of magnet in the transmission for picking up stray metal filings from the rare missed shifts? I feel I should probably change the transmission oil, at least, especially if the synchros really are brass, would rather not have metal filings circulating in there...


16 CX-5, Old: 06 Mazdaspeed6, 08 CX-7, 01 Protege ES/Mp3wannabe
manual says for the rear diff and transfer case:

If the vehicle is operated under any of the following conditions, change the rear differential oil every 45,000km {28,100 miles}
a) Driving in dusty, sandy or wet condition
b) Extended periods of idling or low speed operation
c) Repeated short trips of less than 16 km {10 miles}

If this component has been submerged in water, the oil should be changed.

I take that to mean about every 30k.


2006 Speed6 #3476
Really, all three are fine.
I say you should use Amsoil. You'll just as fast find many who swear by either Redline or the purple stuff. Healthy argument gets made for some motorcraft fluid also (should be included in the first post by now...)

Any of them are very likely better than what you've got in there now if your thinking about changing em.
2007 Mazda Speed6
Guys plz i need help...

I just got my mazda a month ago and i wanna do some work on it.....i was reading thru the thread and i wanna change the fluids as recommended....

I dont know much about cars and i wanna learn to do stuff on my own....i never worked on a car before....so plz bare with me....

I guess since i got the car used then i should change all 3 fluids...tranny and power take off and rear diff....

I live in hamilton ont and i need a guid to what to buy and how much and where from?

Thx guys a bunch....and plz bare with me....

My first work on the car was swapping my interior lights to led....was a mission but done now after reading here....
07 BM GT
So, 9 years on..........................................

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how much
my buddy said
I searched

if you found this, you can find so much more, your questions were answered years ago, documented and preserved

Updated the engine oil section with notes on the use of thicker viscosity oils, quantity increase due to balance shaft delete mod and additional oil filters & their part numbers.

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