MS6 fires then dies

2006 Mazda speed6
Hello, I am new to this fourm and to Mazda speeds. I purchased a 06 speed6 with a blown engine 2 months ago ( has the big Garrett turbo, bent rod) I had engine rebuilt ( new crank,eagle forged rods, bored over wisco pistons, ARP head studs and rod studs) I reinstalled engine and now it fires right up then shuts off after 1 sec of run time. I have 1100 to 1400 psi of fuel pressure, I had my key guy come in and make me a new 200 key to make sure it wasn't a security issue. I am clueless, crank and cam sensors are all reading properly. No cel. I've gone through everything with my solus ultra and can't find anything.... And ideas? I used to build diesel pickups, so the whole turbo awd is new to me. Thanks

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