MS3 engine oil

Mazdaspeed 3
So I recently bought a mazdaspeed 3 and I've read that the owners manual calls for 5w-30 oil, however, the guy that I bought the car from has regularly used rotella t6, which is 5w-40. I was wondering if it would be fine on my engine if I were to switch back to 5w-30. The type I had in mind was pennzoil platinum


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Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 is what I use. Remember, synthetic is NOT required, so you can use good ol' conventional. The change interval is the same.


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shell rotella is very good stuff! i recommend you use it for sure.

however, try not to use it EVERY oil change. it's a diesel oil, so it has a lot of detergents to keep your engine clean so it's not good to be running it over and over again.

you can also take a look at motul or liqui moly 5w40 (more expensive, but also very good oil) but rotella is a solid choice for sure.