MS3 engine build/PTE 5557 build completed

Its seems like it has taken forever but my engine build has finally been completed.

Old motor that blew

New internals

New Block being assembled

New turbo- PTE 5557

Custom Manifold by Huy

Custom DP- Turbo XS RP converted into a full length V-band DP by David w/MDR (mazda3mods)

Test Fitment


First start up


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what numbers are you looking for? 400+? Who's doing the tuning? How did your old head look carbon build-up wise?
After we add an additional set of injectors I want to be at 450whp but for now with the stock fuel system and kmd v2.1 internals 370-400whp seems reasonable. I have a couple of tuning options cobb tuning in plano, inline racing, secret services, and MDR. In addition, i have access to a dynojet and could etune. My old head looked fine.
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that engine begs for the battery to be remote mounted in the trunk lol

looks good!


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Congrats on the final completion. I am just glad that someone went ahead and followed through on the build. There are so many BS threads about building the motor etc, but you actually went through with it! Could you possibly post a couple better pics and a better vid so that we can hear that thing? Not trying to be rude, but it was hard to see in some of the pics and even with the volume on full blast I could not hear the engine. Thanks man and congrats again.
TY!!, We are trying iron out a few things wih the car. I've lost track of how much money I've spent doing this but sometimes you spend money on things you dont need. If i new what i new now i could have saved some cash. BTW, the gas that was in the car was 16 months old so we have to drain the fuel lines and add more fuel before we can start it up again. Here's some more pictures. If youre in Houston you probably know who Huy is, stop by his shop and get him to give you a quote on the manifold, the one I'm going to switch to has 5-1 collector with one runnner dedicated to the EWG.



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Wow, that is snug! Slick, but snug. Are you going to wrap the header for insulation?

Those of you who keep asking the cost of this build, I think it's probably like J.P. Morgan's yacht. "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." I know I can't.
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Looks ummmmmmmmmmm How much was the build costs??.or is that a bad question to ask lol :)


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I remember seeing this car at MDR's shop when I went to get some work done....

David does some good work doesn't he?

Take this bad boy to the dyno and see what it hits....
The car is already up and running. I've taken the car to inline racing to be tuned by Huy Tran. The car is making 308whp @ 14psi (the highest knock i see is .35 and afr's are in the low 11's). There is plenty left on the table and we are going to go for more power once I get another wastegate spring that can hold more than 14lbs. of boost. It shouldn't have a problem making 400whp
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