MPS gen 2 dyno run. Stage 2...Not making expected bhp

Hi guys,

Finally got round to getting my gen 2 Mazda 3 on the dyno today, after installing my modifications.

It’s got:
- fuel pump internals.
- bigger TMIC.
- cat back custom exhaust system.
- CS intake all the way back to turbo.
- turbo smart BOV. (Recirculated)
- COBB 3 port boost solenoid (set up 2 port, third blanked off)
- COBB accessport with ots stage 2 map.

I was expecting to see 300bhp on the dyno but came out with 248bhp. Highly disappointing!

Car seems to be running as it should as far as I’m aware, no boost leaks ect. According to the accessport I get a steady 17psi of boost at full throttle. 14.5 afr steady driving and can drop down to 8.1 on full throttle. Not sure if this is ok?

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Not sure what to look out for next, maybe the boost solenoid isn’t set up correctly, bad map who knows.

Thanks in advance.