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So I just purchased an old Perfect Power SMT6, thinking it would be the cheap ($70) way to do a little tuning on my engine. However I cannot find any info on how to wire this into the MSP's ECU, so I'm here for help. I have the wiring diagram for the SMT6 but I can't make sense of what it all means, I'm pretty new to this. It came with an ECU which is not the MSP ECU, but supposedly this setup was ran in an MSP for 10 years, so I mainly just need to get the wiring right and hopefully not ruin my car.

Backstory is I picked up the car for $200, running horribly. Built the engine with K1 H beam rods, Wiseco forged pistons, ARP head studs and a Cometic gasket, as well as a turbo that's a bit bigger than stock. I've been running about 12 lbs boost but I know I can get more power if I can lean out the AFR (currently about 9.5 under full throttle) and maybe tweak the timing a bit. This car is my first 'build' and obviously I'm new to this, but I'm real excited to actually be able to learn about tuning.
Pic is the diagram that I got off of the Perfect Power website.

Thanks for any help

Perfect Power Wiring.JPG


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There was once a tuner shop in New Jersey where a gentleman sold and tuned these for our cars. There were wiring instructions and all.


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I have the install guide and the software for an MPI tuner which I still run. :) I can put it on a google drive share. It was Nick Manarino in Jersey that owns Modern Performance Incorporated. Rename the MPI TUNER.txt to .doc and open with Word. It will show you how to install it, assuming the installs are the same for an MPI tuner and the SMT6.


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