WTB: MP3 Protege with low miles, will travel in U.S. for a clean one

Searching for a MP3 protege with low miles and as close to stock as possible or just the cleanest MP3 that I can find.


Joshua R. Wooden
Mica Black Mp3
I have a Mica Black MP3 in Michigan near Chicago. Turbo blew a standstill at 3-4000 rpm.

Engine rebuilt at 100,000 miles, car has roughly 150, 844 miles on it when turbo started making new clicking sounds.

Some rust.

Esparco Short-Shifter currently in car.

Purchased in Elkhart, Indiana on 12/18/2020 from a used car lot.

Oops, 150,488 miles when turbo started going out.


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First of all, welcome @8why and thanks for posting your MSP in this WTB thread.

Please note our For Sale Rules...
Add pics to your post/listing above that include a visible hand written sign (Mazdas247, date and username) in each one (and for each part you're selling) and you'll be good to go, thanks!

Also, I believe @Mp3speedpro is looking for a low mileage MP3 and it appears you have an MSP.


Joshua R. Wooden
Mica Black Mp3
No offense guys I literally have the same car and just under 47,000 original miles lol come on MP3 only 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Well I've decided to keep the Racing Heart Rims for a 98' Manual Honda Accord...Who wants to part out my MSP?!?!