Most adorable things discovered on my 2019 Mazda 3

Well, the BOSE stereo sound makes the top of my list.

1. SOUND. I should write something positive about it - but it left me speechless. I am simply blown away. I am like WHOA. So that's that. The stereo on my Mazda is WHOA. WOW. OMG!!!

2. The best Blue tooth EVER EXPERIENCED by a human being. I don't know about you - but I drove all new Lexus cars, some Mercedes Benz-es, some BMW, some Toyotas and there is no single one out there with a better phone connection.
You know what? Mazda 3 Bluetooth and in cabin microphones put all other cars to shame. Not only that - my friends and family say that they hear me better in my Mazda than directly on my cellphone.

3. The acceleration. Wow. It is a small motor. It says it has only 187Hp. I did not expect this. No. In "SPORT" mode this thing wants to go and the freeway acceleration over 80 MPH is just nuts.
I don't know about you - but this car makes me go wild. It is insane. Wow.

4. Sound settings. OK. Did I mention sound in 1? I regained my ability to say something about it now. So setting sound here is not only easy - but the margin for the settings is better than most systems I had in the past.
I finally found a stereo that let's me engulf myself in music and enjoy it like I never did before.

The reason I bought this car was because the dealer put on one of his favorite channels and I kind of felt the bass in my stomach.
That was the moment I decided to sign the paperwork. This stereo is just amazing.
Sadly I didn't get the Bose sound, it was in the test model I drove but that one was another 5 grand so hard to justify (not just speakers in the 5 grand upgrade). I have the 8 speaker system vs the Bose 12 speakers. The image below is the Speaker locations for the Bose setup. Not really looked into the 8 speaker setup but I am pretty sure it doesn't have the sub in boot (ill look in a min) or the two rear heights, and then I guess two more from the front area.

I have a 2018 CX5 and that has the base sound system. It is also made by BOSE I am hearing, but there are no labels and it is a no-name basically. Sounds mediocre. It's bad.
There is a MAJOR difference between that and the new 2019 Mazda3 premium sound.
I started reading about it - and I found few references to some guy in Japan, en Engineer, who convinced them all to put these bass speakers in the front.
I mean that's really what happened. One single guy went out and convinced the whole company to redesign the front panels in such a way - to make room for these speakers.
That is amazing. Just some one guy made this thing. It is simply mind boggling. It is amazing. The sound system in my Mazda is just amazing.

But I am noticing some more features that I really like on my car.
I like that little eye glasses holder on top.

It is very convenient. When i bought the car I was like - pheew. Who cares?
But now - I use that every day, I got used to it and I think I might not like another car without that thing.

Then there is a little plastic clip holder on the driver's visor.
Have you noticed that? How about placing the insurance card on it and the registration?

Auto lights is kind of cool.

But there are things I am missing.
I don't like that it doesn't have the garage door opener built in.
I mean it is a standard feature in most cars now - why wouldn't they want to include that?
I should mention the MRCC as an amazing thing. In stop and go traffic this software makes things a breeze. It's not perfect, but as long as you pay some attention to the road at low speeds it works like a charm!
I am adding the auto lock feature. This is a great feature. Yeah, I complained about it failing in another thread but it doesn't make it very much less exciting. It is simply amazing to be able to just walk away and see it lock.
I didn't try the the MRCC yet. I never had a chance to go for a longer trip. But if this is as good as my sound system - then by all means I will do so.