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2009 CX9 GT
Does anyone know of any aftermarket accesories for the cx9s? (2009 FWD 3.7, specifically) Also, would a reflash of the ECU with a tune from a higher power car with the same motor (EX: Lincoln MKX) adversely affect my transmission or anything?
2010 CX-9 GT
The engine in the CX-9 is not the same as the MKX. The MKX got variable timing on the intake and exhaust valves whereas the CX-9 has it on the intake valves only. The CX-9 makes about as much horsepower as the most powerful version of this engine that was installed in any other car, it's down a couple of horsepower to a version installed in a Lincoln MKZ I think.

There is basically zero aftermarket for these cars. A long time ago Borla made a catback exhaust, but it's long since out of production. I am unaware of any aftermarket ECU tuning options. There are a few people who drilled holes in the air box, but this may just make more noise than power.


Might be worth doing a search within our CX-9 Forum to surface older threads that might provide some additional insight or ideas...If you haven't already...