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Millenia Lower Dash Removal Help

2000 Millenia & 2006 Mazda3 Grand Touring
Can someone please point me in the right direction to remove the lower section of my Millenia's dash - below the steering column. The power tilt of the wheel has quit (I accidentally pulled down on the wheel as it was traveling up - I evidently broke a gear...) and I'm trying to do a repair. I can remove the two halves of the steering column but can't quite get at the bolts holding the power tilt mechanism with the lower dash in place. I don't want to start prying on parts that aren't meant to be removed. I've done a lot of searching online but have come up with almost nothing. Thanks!

By the way, I bought my Millenia new (a 2000 model) and just recently spent the first money on actual repairs. I needed the CV shafts replaced at around $500 including labor. My car is a cream puff with only about 75,000 miles. Other than a few sets of tires, a few batteries and oil changes, nothing else out of the ordinary.

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