Might be the End of the Line....

Mazda Protege5
Looking over my daughter's 03 P5 prior to getting ready to sell it and came across a lot of rust where the right rear subframe attaches to the body. I've seen another post with the same problem. The other side is fine.


Probably won't pass a NYS inspection and can't sell it knowing it's like that. Shame. 144k on it. Southern PA car, so very clean as northern P5s go. So, if I can't get a fix for a reasonable amount, then either scrap or sell for parts.
What did you decide?

Am facing the same issue up here in Canada. Entire underbody is rusted away. Left side rear wheel clunks over every pothole but mechanic has assured me nothing is actually loose.

Cosmetically, some of the linkages that support the decorative side trim simply crumbled at the garage the other day on the hoist. You can practically break the rust around the rear wheelwells by touching it.