MAZDASPEED protege system layout?


Would anyone happen to know what speakers i should be getting in my MAZDASPEED protege? The head unit KDC-MP919 is a given.
What about the front/rear speaker model #?

Which Subwoofer should i be expecting as well? I really doubt it will be the KSC-WA82RC. This Woofer is powered by 100watts when all reviews quoted that the woofer will be powered by 250watts! Can someone tell me wich sub i should be expecting?

Where is the tweeter's located? is it in a seperate location from the front speakers? A 2-way speaker does not count as a tweeter does it?
I hope Mazda isn't that cheap just to re-locate a set of tweeters mounted higher on the door.:eek:



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The mid-year refresh of the Pro5 (those made after 2/28/02) have a "6" speaker stock audio system. They located a set of tweeters in the black triangle mirror panels (where tons of people put aftermarket ones anyway). I would think it's possible the MSPro will have a similar setup.



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2003 Subaru WRX Wagon, 2000 Miata

"Kenwood Stereo System KDC-MP919 head unit (1 DIN) with liquid gel 3-D screen and MP3 / ID3 Capability; wireless remote control; and, rear glass antenna . Amplifier Kenwood KAC-5295 with 450-watts maximum power (50w per channel x 4 and 250w x 1 power amp) (amplifier rear woofer + power amplifier rear package tray assembly)
7-Speaker System 7 speaker system (4 mid-base speakers, 2 tweeters, 1 subwoofer)
Front Speakers 6 x 9 coaxial 2-way single 8" subwoofer, custom designed with heavy-duty magnets
Rear Speakers 6" coaxial 2-way
Subwoofer Single 8" subwooferNote: 8" subwoofer with extra heavy-duty magnet design"

"For a state-of-the-art MP3 audio system, Mazda again turned to Kenwood Car Audio, the company responsible for the first-ever OEM MP3 system in last year's Mazda MP3. The MAZDASPEED Proteg features a new in-dash CD/ MP3 receiver - the Kenwood Excelon KDC-MP919.This powerful 450-watt, four-channel (50-watts per channel) system features six speakers, an eight-inch subwoofer and a 250-watt amplifier. Both the subwoofer and amplifier are mounted under the package shelf in the trunk. One of the most versatile audio systems ever offered, the Excelon KDC-MP919 allows customers to listen to standard AM/FM radio stations or play conventional CDs and MP3-encoded CD-R/RWs.
The Kenwood KDC-MP919 has a fully motorized self-hiding faceplate that doesn't appear until the ignition turned on. Before leaving the vehicle, the driver has the option of either removing the faceplate entirely for added security, or letting it automatically disappear from view by simply switching off the ignition. The KDC-MP919's MegaMotion Display readout provides high-resolution visuals and moving images. Plus, the unit is pre-wired to accept Sirius Satellite Radio, which includes 100 digital channels of music, talk and news beamed down by three satellites for national coverage. Built-in high- and low-pass electronic crossovers allow the driver to control the range of signals sent to the speakers. System Q Sound Control provides five pre-set EQ curves (e.g., rock, jazz, etc.) and three speaker-matching EQ curves for tone tailoring. Each of the four 50-watt amplifiers supply the muscle, and the 4.5V pre-outs provide superior signal-to-noise performance. With an optional adapter, Dual-Zone Source Control provides separate source and volume control for front and rear. For even easier operation, the Kenwood system uses a round volume control knob"

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