Mazda of the Month (September)



Congratulations to BRIAN_MP5T! (first)
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Brian Mundy
2002 Protege5

Texas Mile Top Speed Mazda Protege, Gear Ratios for 300Km per hour at 7000 RPM
A Full out assault on Top Speed and Acceleration. A Grown-Up Kids Go-KART for the street.

INSTALLED (Short List of Highlights)
- Fully Forged Engine
- Transmission with PAR Straight Cut Gears Set Specified Ratios (2.500, 1.550, 1.100, 0.770, 0.650 Final 4.105)
- Haltech Standalone ECU on Custom Trigger (36-1+1) Sequential Injection
- Direct Fire AEM CDI Coil On Plug conversion Multi Strike
- Quaife ATB LSD
- SPEC Stage 3++ R Pressure Plate and Clutch Disk (425 Ft/Lb Clamp)
- SPEC 6.8 Lb Aluminum Flywheel.
- K-Sport 14" 8 Piston Brake System
- K-Sport Hydraulic Hand brake
- K-Sport RR Aluminum Coil Over suspension
- IQ3 Digital Display Solution
- WORK Emotion Kai 7076 Forged Aluminum Rims, 18" Only 16Lbs
- Full OEM JDM Mazda SPORT 20 Conversion (Front, Rear, Lights, Badges)
- Full Weight Reduction (2240 Lbs Dry... What do you think that feels like at 25 PSI?)


Banned For Being A Troll
Thanks M24/7 for the Votes and support, it is a fantastic way to close down Summer 2011 and get ready for an interesting winter of modification, updates and improvements.

Here is the MP5T Build thread if anyone would like more information, or just to subscribe to the Madness as it unfolds.

Antoine has some forum Decals and a Tee so I will gladly add the Forum Love to the current Sticker Location..

THE Phen

Phenda Bear
2013 Abarth, 2004 MSM - FM, '74 BMW Bavaria, 97 Civic EX B18C1
Huh... who didn't see this coming... ;)

Congrats Brian. Looking forward to following the progress