Mazdas....Mazdas Everywhere


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I often wonder about the dealer proximity effect, living in a large suburb and only being 30 min to Toronto, not something I ever think about, with any product. BUT would surely affect my decision if it was the case of a 100+ miles.

And not for nothing, but is this suburb Orange County? Westchester? (sorry everyone else, American TV mostly exposes us to suburbs of LA or NYC)

Very nice local dealerships. I'd enjoy such local sightseeing! I live in a pretty high income suburb of Toronto (in the affordable area of course) but I'm pretty sure for Ferrari, Maserati and Bentley we'd need to go into the city. There is only one Toronto suburb I can think of that MAY have those brands.
Alpharetta GA, suburb of Atlanta. There's one another Maserati dealer in the Atlanta area. The Ferrari and Bentley dealerships are each the only for their marque in the entire state (perhaps serving several adjoining states as well).

Being the cars that they are, that's probably still less of a deterrent than having to travel half the distance to buy a Mazda over a Honda. LOL

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