Guide: Mazda5 Tutorial - SPC adjustable rear camber upper arms

2014 mazda5. I bought this same "ultra-power" this week from rockauto. It's now only $22/side plus shipping. I doubt the factory arms are forged, so not sure what the big deal is.

Anyway, this writeup was fantastic. I did the install today. Slipping the 3 rear exhaust hangers off with soap did the trick to get the inner bolt out. I was at negative 1.9 degrees chamber from the factory, and no measurable toe-in. I'm now at negative 0.1, with no change to toe-in.

I used veneer calibers and trigonometry to take a guess on arm length before install. Unfortunately, I guess I failed math, because, I ended up with a 0.5 degree positive chamber, which I didn't want. I was not able to adjust with wheels on. In fact, it's not all that easy to adjust with wheels off! I got where I wanted them to be with a single adjustment, but it's still tedious, as you have to drive the car after jacking to get the suspension to settle, before measuring chamber. I have a car lift in my garage that I can walk under, so that helps a lot. Even so, it took roughly 6 hours to do, with the one extra adjustment done to each side.