Mazda5 Replacement Axles?

2008 Mazda5 GT
~138 on OEM Axles -they are waaay overdue (lot of play and clicking on pass). Don't recall coming across many post on replacements.

OEM does not make financial sense. Top of the list is Cardone reman via RockAuto. Anyone use this or have feedback on Axles used on a Mazda5? What have you used and how well have they held up? Appreciate any feedback.
2010 Mazda 5
I used trackmotive from RockAuto last year. I've only put about 5k miles on them but I have not had any issues so far. I have a manual transmission, too.
2008 Mazda5 GT
Thanks pkthomas.

Was the overall length the same? did the boots and overall fit/finish look/feel good to you? Do the boots have the same count of bellows as OEM? Did it come with the balancer on the shaft, like OEM or were you able to reuse this?

The more I read/understand what remain (really hit or miss based on the person doing the remain work and the condition of the OEM unit that is remain) it's a gamble but I know the original Axle was quality...
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
How much longer do you plan on keeping the car? A remanned unit should last a couple of years at least...even one that the remanufacture was sloppy.

If you're planning on keeping the car until the wheels fall off, and do the work yourself, I always look at it like the savings in labor allows me to get the expensive OEM part and buy a new tool or two.

If this was my 2008 M3 or 2010 M5...I'd probably go with the remanned ones. I don't expect those cars to last much past the next 4 years. Just got to get my kids through college.
2008 Mazda5 GT
If it was an M3 or M5, regardless of year, I'd buy OEM! 😅

but that is a great question. we should have sold it already but considering it has little to no resale value, figure keep it running or backup car. Maybe not till wheels fall off but keep it for now while it works 🤷‍♂️. That said, there are a few other maintenance items that need replacing/wrenching soon... still on OE EGR, thermostat, water pump, coil packs, exhaust... not expensive or hard to do just ...ugg, old car...

thanks for feedback/thought.


2009 Mazda 5 GT - 5-speed MT
While trying to find what sounded like wheel-bearing noise ("airplane noise") on our 2009 Mazda 5, I found that the driver's-side inner (tripod) joint boot had let go at the small end. I assumed that it was the tripod joint making the noise, and did a lot of research as to what was the best aftermarket drive axle to replace the entire unit with.

A very respected professional mechanic told me that most new or rebuilt units are junk, and that I'd be better off going with OEM or rebuilding mine. (One exception is Raxles, but they don't supply Mazda axles.) Surprisingly to me, he told me that the biggest problem is that the aftermarket axles have skinny shafts that vibrate badly.

I bought a new kit from FEBEST, which included the new tripod joint, boot, grease, and splined end which goes into the transmission, and rebuilt my original drive axle. The band clamps they supplied were very low-end though, and I bought upgraded ones instead. The rebuilt axle works very well so far. The old tripod joint was in very bad shape, and was pretty much falling apart. Glad I caught it and replaced it when I did.

Surprisingly to me, this didn't cure the airplane noise. That turned out to be the front passenger-side wheel bearing on the way out. Got that changed out too, and all's well now.

All this to say, there are alternatives to expensive OEM or cheap aftermarket drive axles - you can rebuild yours if necessary.