Mazda5 Radiator Fan differences?

I can see the radiator fan in my 2007 has one fan. I also see some models with dual fans. Dual fans seem to come in either later models or models with manual trans (?) or models with climate control (?). Mine is an auto and just on/off AC and temp dial.

If I had to replace it, which I may after some testing, does using one of the dual fans have any benefit. Or even can it plug straight in to the control connectors? I suspect the operation of the engine cooling and the cooling for the AC are separated with the dual fan assemblies whereas the single fan they are combined.

Typically the radiator fans for sale seem to come with the fan control module already attached to the fan. Would a dual fan assembly have a different control module, or the same?

Concord, CA
I'm thinking they went to dual fans after 2010. Does that sound right? Still unsure about the control module. I cannot tell from pictures on the various websites.

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