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Mazda5 manual transmission stiff/difficult to shift into and out of 5th

I recently purchased a 2007 Mazda5 with 106k miles. I really like it so far, but one thing that is bothering me is that it is very difficult to shift into and out of 5th. It also seems as though after downshifting from 5th it becomes more difficult to shift into other gears (although not nearly as difficult as 5th is). Anyone have an idea of what this might be? Previous owner had the clutch replaced recently. Gears seem fine, it's just physically moving the shifter.


2009 Mazda 5 GT - 5-speed MT
I'm assuming you've got a manual transmission. If so, I recommend that you:

1. Bleed the clutch fluid @ the slave cylinder on the transmission. This can make a huge difference!

As stated, use a good-quality DOT-3 brake fluid.

2. Change the tranny fluid. Use a GL-4 specifically designed for manual trannies. You need something quite 'grabby' to spin the synchronizers up to speed. Do NOT use a GL-5 gear oil! The sulphur compounds can damage the brass synchronizers. I believe the recommended viscosity is 75W-90. I've been happiest with Red Line MTX-90:

Regardless of whether this corrects your problem (which might be linkage related), your transmission will thank you.

2010 Mazda 5 Sport
Bleeding the clutch might help. Check for leaks in the system. If the clutch isn't working well, yeah, all shifting is going to be an issue.

This may be purely a mechanical issue in the linkage too. I'd rip open the console and look at the shifter linkage and see if there is any play. The thing is a lot of plastic and that stuff wears out.

Transmission fluid is not going to be the issue.

Is there some pictures online that show what a good vs worn linkage looks like? I had it open the other day to replace the information screen and didnt see anything that looked "bad" but I dont know if I didn't dig deep enough to find anything.