Mazda3 Yellow Speed Coilovers!

i havent put these through there paces on a track but when i do drive to and from work its much more comfortable than road magnets + stock shocks that i previously had. I've got my car sitting low (on the rears i angle my index finger in the guards 225/40/18) and am set at 12 front and 8 rear. i was at 15/10 which id compare a touch nicer than spring/shock combo before, but am enjoying a softer setting. i cant compare stock ride as i haven't been stockin way too long.

for the price these were win for me and glad i picked these up.

also cant compare any other setups as theres not many in my area with mods
1999 Mazda Miata, 2007 Mazda5
Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but can anyone do me a favor and measure the diameter of the threads/shock housing where the perch is threaded? Is it identical to BC's coil's diameter? Thinking of air bags in the future.