2004~2008 Mazda3 Turbo?

I have a 2008 Mazda3 Hatchback(Non MazdaSpeed) that i got from a friend. I some money and i want to install a turbo into it. I know it's a 2.3l i4, but i want as much hp as i can get without blowing it. I want to get around 350hp, since it's a little car. I don't have the 5k+ to buy the Mazda-speed version. I have a picture attached. If i can get a little more hp, i want it to be a sleeper build. If not i'll just save up for a MazdaSpeed, or any recommended vehicles. Thanks!



Hi and welcome!

I'm definitely not an expert nor do I own a Mazda3 but if I were you I would save up for a well maintained bone stock MS3 (not one that has been upgraded and potentially abused and then returned to stock).

It could end up being more costly to properly turbocharge a standard Mazda3.

Again, I'm not an expert so other opinions etc are welcome of course...Keep us updated on what you end up doing, thanks!