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Mazda3 Motorsports Concept


I really liked what Mazda did with the Mazda3 last year at Osaka Automesse (first shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon I believe) and this year they delivered once again with the Mazda3 Motorsports Concept!

Here are a few pics I snapped...📸

Does everyone like this look? Thoughts?

Note you can check out these pics and more in our Photos / Media section via the link below...

Thanks for taking a look!


Work In Progress..
'18 CX-9 Signature
I like the look, definitely. Especially in Polymetal Grey. The CX-5 looks great in PG too :love:


Yeah the new 3 is such an eye catcher for me and this concept version is even more so...The CX-5 with the same treatment also came out looking great, I especially dig the rear exhaust setup!

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