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Mazda3 Engine Swap complete..Need heater core hose routing pics plz help

First off hello Mazda community, just finished having a 56k LKQ engine swapped in and it was my first swap and a long hard process but runs GREAT. I just need help with heater core hose route pics, the ones at the back of the engine bay and where they both run two and connect on the engine. I'll upload pics of the mazda 3 swap in the next couple days and also a coolant hose connection on the bottom of the engine that has no hose on it at all so im not sure where it goes either. It could just be where one of the heater core hoses goes and that would be nice, i'll upload pics of that connection in the next day or so. Also after i get that done, I'll also need advice on how i would go about bleeding air from the coolant system. I spent $600 in tow expenses and "diagnostic" time at two local shops this week and they were no help at all. You guys are my only hope with these last few connections in this WAY harder then I thought swap. Pics uploading in next day or so.

Thanks guys
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
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