Mazda2 / Demio (DJ) 2017 - need wiring diagrams

Hello everyone.

I'm looking for wiring diagrams (best would be all) for 2017 Mazda 2 DJ - its the same as Demio DJ.

Car that came to me have problem with i-ELOOP. DTC in PCM is U0298 - no connection with DC/DC converter module. What I've already saw is that fuse no. 49 in under hood fusebox is for this module. But car doesnt have any pins in it's place or fuse at all. I think it was involved in crash before and they changed fusebox to wrong one. Need to verify this but without wiring diagrams it's really hard and not sure if possible at all.

Best would be full workshop manual if anyone have something like that but only wiring diagrams would be enough.

Cheers and I'm looking for your help ;)