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Mazda Tire Event

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Central Virginia
2019 CX-5 Reserve
I looked into the Mazda buy 3 get 1 free and found that for the tires where the deal was offered the final price was very competitive - plus they claim they will price match. The Mazda price per tire looks high initially, but it includes mount, balance, disposal and 24 months of road hazard. But not all tires are included. IMO the Mazda deal is a good one and my local Mazda dealer is excellent, but I already have a preferred tire shop. I'm pretty loyal to Discount Tire. I like that they sell only tires and wheels - no alignments or repair services. Their selection is good, customer service is excellent and pricing is always competitive so I don't feel I have to shop around for price. Where I live there are Discount Tire shops convenient to my house and work - so they are a first choice.
Plus any tire sale has got to hit when you're in need of tires.
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
A tire promotion might move my tire replacement up by a few months or get me to try the sale tire if 2 options appear otherwise equal. Price is important, just not the only factor.
2017 CX-5 GT AWD
So I went ahead and bought the tires from my dealer. Here is the breakdown of the costs. For what it's worth, I feel it was a good deal for me. We have a discount tire in our town but the dealership is much more convenient for me to drop the car off for service and pick up a loaner car on my way to work.

$80.00 Mount and balance 4 tires.
$634.97 Cost of tires ($207.99 x 3 + $1 for the fourth tire + $10 tire tax).
$89.99 Alignment (regularly $109.99 but I had a $20 coupon).
$12.00 Disposal and city tax.
$57.78 Sales tax.
Total bill $874.74

No lifetime rotation with sale tires, but at every oil change, not a huge extra expense. I went on a road trip for the weekend and the new tires ride great. I'm not an aggressive driver by any means so they probably haven't gotten as much of a test as some of you might give them. :)
2018 AWD GT Premium Red/Black
Did you need an alignment? Did they give you a printout of before and after specs?
2017 CX-5 GT AWD
Yes, I received a printout of the before and after. Two of the before measurements were in the red. I also sent in a 50 dollar rebate form to Goodyear.

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