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Mazda Speed2 Build


Mazda spec miata
Well we are at it again!!! Building off the momentum of last years Speed5 project and wins at One Lap of America and Time Attack…. We figured that a Speed2 was the next logical step! We have started the transformation from Zoom-Zoom Concentrated to Team ZoomZoom Nation Ultra Super Concentrated 2.3!!! We are taking the drive train of a 2010 Mazda Speed3 and placing it in our little 2. We will post up pics as we progress up to us running our little Beast in The One lap of America…. Keep an eye out for big announcements on Drivers and sponsors…… This is going to be HUGE!!!




Mooz Mooz Mooz
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Yes, Agreed! i have a friend that usually runs in One Lap of America and now im not gonna know who to cheer for!

Also, Eric, would you be willing to share information about things such as:
Weight of 1.5L motor/tranny, weight/balance of swapped vehicle, modifications needed to physically fit 2.3L in (frame cuts?), electronic issues, etc... You would be blazing a trail for us few Mazda2 owners and giving us some info that very few have the resources to test for themselves! :)

Thanks!!! :D
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Waoo (boom06)
Plase share info of the complete swap process

My little mazda2 1.5 turbo is just like a toy compared with your work


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Looking at the second and fifth pics, I can't see how that's possibly going to fit, but I'm damn sure going to subscribe and find out!


Zoom-Zoom. Forever.
Looking at the second and fifth pics, I can't see how that's possibly going to fit, but I'm damn sure going to subscribe and find out!
Probably with a custom hood. I would go with something similar to the gen1 MS3 stock hood, but with more bulge and fmic. I dont think a tmic would fit, for obvious reasons (lack of space). I can't wait to see the finished product.

Perro del Sol

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Are you going to have Yeti ( Jason Saini) drive this on too! You know all of the In-Saini-Acs will be following him once again, just like last year!


Great to see AUTOBARN MAZDA back with another Monster Mazda Build and posting about it on Mazdas247.com!

This is going to be VERY INTERESTING to say the least...Can't wait for updates! :D


Mazda spec miata
Sorry it's been a while since I have posted here but have been working on a bunch of stuff for the race and the car. To answer a couple of questions, Yes the 2.3L does fit ( just barely ) and we will have to notch under the hood for the piping for front mount intercooler ( will not be able to notice it from the outside ) Becuase of the size and weight of the engine relative to the car we are having special front coil overs made to keep the front end as stiff as possible (have to prevent bottoming out ) and Brembo is making special brakes just for the car ( Woot Woot ) The Yeti will not be driving this creation ( he is already attached to last years monster the Speed5 which just was overhalled with bigger turbo and some other goodies to make it even faster than last year ) so Saini will defend his title in SUV with the 5. Our team of drivers for the 2 is set but ..... ( dramatic pause ) I can not let out all the beans. I will let you know part of the team I ( Eric Vates ) will drive transit and Charles Espenlaub ( You are the first to see this ) will be one of the 2 pro drivers in the car. Watch for some REALLY REALLY big announcements in the next coming weeks!!

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