Mazda OEM 5 Qts 0W20 (Moly), 1 Oil Filter, 1 Air Filter, 2 Crush Washers F/S

****Price Drop****

I no longer have my CX5 and am finally getting around to selling my leftovers.

As the title says I have 5 quarts Mazda Moly (sold)

1 Mazda Oil Filter (sold)

2 Mazda oil drain plug crush washers (sold)

1 Mazda Air Filter

All items are brand new never used. All seals in tact on the oil bottles. Tape was ripped on the air filter box only to remove filter for photo.

$65.00 shipped free to the CONUS. Paypal payment. Please PM if interested.

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2016 CX 5 GT AWD, Tech & IActivesense
I tried to price competitively as a package with shipping. Please PM what you were thinking.