Mazda MX-3 All Motor Build

Hi guys,

New to the forum but have been on Probetalk for years but figured I'd see what interest there is on this forum for my build.
Recently started building my MX-3 and the build is coming along really well. Here is a list of the parts on hand so far and a few of the future plans as well.

Current parts on hand...

Kl-de heads port matched to ze manifold
Ferrea dual valve springs
Ferrea retainers
Ferrea oversized valves
Supertech shim under bucket lifters
Supertech valve seals
Bronze valve guides
Custom cams from colt cams (231 / 392)
Arp head studs
Wiseco 11:5:1 pistons (85mm)
K1 rods 21mm pin
Clevite 77 bearings
Boundary oil pump
Custom long tube headers
Coil packs (626)
Adjustable cam gears
Megasquirt plug n play
D2 coil overs
T595 Throttle body's

Currently the block is in the machine shop getting everything balanced and bored to size. Recently decided to do some modifications in the block for better oil flow along with the ITB setup, I was going to make a custom intake manifold but after weeks of failed ideas I finally caved and went the simpler ITB route which may not be a bad idea anyways.

I'm going to post up some pics of the build right away as I already have a thread going on probetalk for it, I can also send that link as well to anyone on that forum.
Here is a pic of the car before it went under the knife...


Welcome and cool build! (y)

Thanks for sharing this with us, I will definitely be following along...:)
Thanks! I will be posting pictures as i go along. Hopefully get the block back from the machine shop soon so i can post some real goodies. Hoping to hit 270 - 290whp with the ITBS.
Welcome and cool build! (y)

Thanks for sharing this with us, I will definitely be following along...
ITB's came in the other day and got them all cleaned up to get the linkages welded.
10mm spacers are needed to get the ports to match up on the heads.
My friend that's doing the welding for me also has the adapter plates getting cut out at her work, they are about 12mm thick aluminum.
Once I get the shape cut out for them I will start working on the ports. I'm thinking about making the bottom of the ITB's square to make port matching them a bit easier and also give a smoother transition into the heads. Still a work in progress though as I'm still not sure how to want to sync the ITB's together yet.



Also got my electric water pump in the other day and just did the wiring for it. I am just going to run it off a switch inside the car with no thermostat. Wired it to a constant 12v so that I can leave it pumping for a few minutes after a hot shut down.

Few pics of what's been going on at the garage on the build, nothing special but just a few progress pics since machine shop is taking their sweet time with the block.

Electric water pump is all wired and block off plate is made.

ITB plate is waiting for the ports to get machined out.

Painted the tranny and starter just for the hell of it and POR15 the hubs with new bearings.