Mazda Moly Oil in 5W-30: Does It Even Exist ?


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg
Plano, Texas, USA
Costco Kirkland signature 5w30 full synthetic is GF6 SP Dexos gen 2 sold as (2) 5 quart jugs in a box for $25 and has a high moly dose as well. Just used it as first change after 2500 miles. Best stuff at crazy cheap price
80 is not high moly dose. 600 ~ 700 is the usual number from the UOA of Mazda 0W-20 moly oil.

PQIA Kirkland 5W-30 synthetic - Bob Is The Oil Guy

And some Kirkland Signature 5W-30 jugs (old batch?) still say SN / GF-5.

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