Mazda Connect Details

I'm seriously looking at a 2021 Mazda CX-30 Premium.

I have some questions about Mazda Connect.

I see it offers 3 years of complementary service – but they only mention remote start. What about the rest of it? Is all of Mazda Connect included complementary for the first 3 years?

The Mazda docs I've seen don't make a big distinction about what is actually part of Mazda Connect and what is really a feature of the vehicles. I can't believe things like the vehicle settings and maintenance reminders will disappear after 3 years?

I am really only interested in remote start. My current car has remote start from about 25 or 50 feet as part of the key fob. Does Mazda have some sort of close range remote start as part of the key fob? Is using Mazda Connect remote start a pain? – log in to the phone, open some app, log in, search for remote start, …? , It would be easier to just walk out to the car and start it.

After three years how much does it cost?

Other cars rely on 3G for the car's modem and have a warning that 3G cellular will be turned off in the first quarter of 2022. Will the Mazda system suddenly stop working?



Just chiming in here...You might want to search our CX-5 and CX-9 Forums for possible answers as well. Keep us updated if you can. Hopefully CX-30 owners will post some insight in this thread. :)
I got some more information from Jonathan Sewall on his YouTube channel about Mazdas.

In the comment section I asked:
Hello. i'm looking at a 2021 CX-30 Turbo (rumors say it's coming). For "Start", is there any feedback at the car that it has started (flashing lights, for example)? I will be watching from indoors 100 ft away. Approximately how much does "connect" cost after the trial? 3G cellular is supposed to be turned off in Q1 2022. Will this affect "connect"? To use the app do you have to login each time or does it keep you logged in once you have registered. Around me a big problem is leaving the windshield wipers on accidentally, remote starting, the wipers froze overnight and the motor dies - expensive fix. Does remote start turn off the wipers? Thanks for the videos.

Jonathan Sewall replied:
So it does require a login, but I used Face ID on iPhone. It does not notify you that the car is running, but you can have headlights turned on so they will come on when the car is running. The system runs on available cellular network, so if 3G is turned off, it will still connect. You can also keep the wipers off, and/or disengage rain sensing wipers so they won’t run.

A few interesting things:
He did not mention the cost after three years,

He mentioned it uses cellular, but did not mention what type. My guess is that it's 3G connection, since that that is currently very widespread, it's low-cost, and would provide enough bandwidth to do what's needed. But, as mentioned in the Hyundai Connect Manual, 3G is set to be retired in early 2022. That affects anything that relies on 3G.

Having to turn on the phone, open an app, login, and navigate to a function is a lot of effort for just starting your car. It might be easier just to walk out to the car and start it – especially if there is no feedback from the car that it has actually started.

My concern about the windshield wipers freezing to the windshield and killing the wiper motor, if left on, is a real concern in my area. My current car has built-in remote start in the key fob. It's great. It flashes the lights one time upon start, turns off the windshield wipers, turns on the heater, seat warmers, and defroster if it's cold or the air conditioner if it's hot, and doesn't shut the car down if you open the door or the trunk to get a snow brush.

I hope the rumors I've seen are true that Mazda will be implementing a key fob remote start in 2021. I hope they also update the functionality to include the features listed above.