Mazda 6 SkiActiv-D Signature coming (on Mazda's website).


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Interesting that this far into the current generation, now in its 7th year, Mazda would add yet another engine option. I'm sure it's an identical version as used in the CX-5 diesel.

It's shown under the "coming soon" vehicle tab. Presumably, it's gotta be for the 2020 model year which has to be the last year for this generation. And it says Signature only. So one year, one trim, on the very slow selling 6? Very odd decision IMO. Maybe they'll sell like 50 examples all year.
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I think Mazda just want to deliver on a promise to sell diesel in US.
Money wise, don't think they will make much from doing this.
Now that Turbo engines are available, which has similar power curves as diesel engines.
The only advantage of diesel is small MPG increase over turbo.
Does that justify $3-4K of price increase? Your call.
On CX5, the premium is close to $4k (over turbo).
Financially, this does not compute unless you are a diesel die-hard....
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Mazda 6 Diesel? Really? Why on earth would they bother? The car doesn't sell. They don't promote it or advertise it or offer any kind of incentives.
We are 6 months into 2019, and they're still hawking it as a 2018 model.
I don't understand Mazda's take or vision on this vehicle. It's like they don't care about it, but yet they still build it.


2018 Mazda6, CX-9
Diesel cars just don't make sense in America because diesel costs more so why would you pay thousands more for the car, then pay more for fuel. The added MPG just comes no where close to adding up until many years and miles pass.

We'll, at least they make more sense than electric cars.

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