Mazda 6 1st gen headlight vent hole(s)?

Mazda 6 2007 Facelift 2.0 sedan

I’ve been getting condensation in both of my headlights during the time of winter when temps fall below 0C. The condensation appears at the inner part of the headlight lens where the rarely used high beam and less frequently used turning signal bulbs are. Since low beams have to always be turned on then the outer part of the lens is condensation free. Depending on the temperature it takes a minimum of half a day upto few days to completely clear out.

My question is is it normal? Does those headlights have vent hole(s) to regulate the pressure and let heat out which in turn lets moisture get in?

PS. The headlights use halogen bulbs which run hotter than xenons. This makes the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the headlights even bigger.

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