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Mazda 5 YellowSpeed Coilovers and MS3 FSB and RSB

2008 Mazda5 GT
Anyone looking to make their Mazda 5 handle on rails or want to lower it on budget? Gauging interest. I am looking clear out my garage. Make the best of your COVID stay at home time. All parts are interchangeable between '06-'15 Mazda 5 (chassis did not change through out these years and fits Mazda3, MS3).

YellowSpeed Coilovers
Complete kit used for less than 1 year, under 10K miles. I would recommend a new pair of sleeves for the rear but you can also just get a new bolt and drill out the existing one that's seized. Loved them when I had them installed but sadly the Mazda5 is now a full time transport vehicle. Contemplated putting them back on in the future but that'll likely never going to happen. Offer it to folks here before I go craigslist. They also fit Mazda3 and Mazdaspeed3. I would also offer assistant via email in helping you get them installed and dialed-in correctly.

Note that you need to loosen the front sub frame to remove/install the FSB

MS3 RSB (with Prothane bushing+bracket and Moog end links)
Easy install and noticeable handling improvement


Thanks for the post...It would be best turn this into a FS thread with the proper pics to make sure it's in compliance with our Marketplace Rules. If you could include pics of the items with the required signage, I'll be happy to move this thread to our Marketplace.

Your understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thanks again!

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