Mazda 323f 1996 1.8 manual problem

mazda 323f
hey guys !
i am new here and i have buy a 1996 mazda 323f 1.8.
when i drive to home she was fine.
after i arrived to my parking lot i turn off engine. after 30 minutes i take her for a ride and then she filling wierd.
she started to hetiation when i push the gas and then she wont responding to throttle and she turn herself off with sharp rpm drop. very important when i start the engine again she run well but again when i start do drive she drop rpm and turn off...
some guys told me to replace a few things so this is what i did...
1.i replace air hose in new one the old was torn.
2.i replaced the maf sensor. i replaced the fuel pump in new one.
the problem starts just when the car get to work temperatue. when the car is cold she runs fine
the problem is still in my car can you please give me some advice or solution for this ?
thanks very much !


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Hi there,
if this is still relevant for anyone, sounds like a bad distributor to me. Had the same symptoms, the spark was not strong enough under load. Swapped out the distributor and everything is fine.