Mazda 3 Sport - DSC Problem?

Hi All,

I have just joined this forum so don't know if I'm in the right area however I have a question that I hope someone, out there, has an answer to!

I bought a Mazda 3 Hatchback sport on an 05 plate just over a year ago and there seems to be some sort of DSC problem.

When I'm cornering, whether at a low or slightly higher speed, there seems to be some sort of ' clicking ' noise coming from under the engine. It only lasts a second or 2 and then stops, then if I press on the brake slightly ( I must stress in a safe way! ) there is a ' clicking ' noise then again lasts about 5-10 seconds then disappears.

Doesn't seem to happen on flat, straight roads, only slighly uneven roads and like I mentioned only when cornering. Switching the DSC off, then there is no noise ( I've tested this some many times now I've lost count ).

When the noise appears there is no flashing light on the dash board indicating that the wheels have lost traction etc just seems to happen, this also doesn't have any impact on driving preformance.

I've taken this down to my local Mazda dealer and have had this tested on 2 occasions but they have found no fault. I even tested this with an engineer but, as luck would have it, the noise didn't happen. Of course when he left and I drove home the noise happened again!!! Typical!!!

Anyone have any idea?? Any suggestions would be great.

2003.5 silver msp
clicking sounds like abs kicking on, not the traction system. i suspect its also accompanied by a 'crunchy' brake pedal feel.


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2007 MazdaSpeed 3 GT
DSC works by activating ABS at the various wheels, so you are likely hearing the ABS pump. It could also be the EBD at work too.
I'm from Germany and we have exactly the same problem with our Mazda 3 from 3/2005. Please contact me, to interchange informations.
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Have your CV Constant Velocity joints checked out. If you only hear the clicking in turns that is the start of a CV joint going bad----it may progress to even clicking on the straightaways as well