Mazda 2 consumption after 100 km/h

Hello Im considering to get a used mazda 2 2012 1.5l model 1300cc (not skyactive). I know this car is great for city race but im wondering how its performing on highway roads when you hit more than 100 km/h speed, because i might need this car for a few 100km + trips/week.

So what is the consumption of this car if you drive it in highway with more than 100km/h speed?
And what is the optimal speed for driving this car in order to have the best fuel consumption?
Is this car a good choice for long 100km and more trips?

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2012 mazda2 sport
We only have the 1.5L in the United States, so this info is for the 1.5L, your numbers will be slightly different:

the average highway fuel economy for most people is about 35mpg(6.72 L/100km )

From my own testing i usually never get less than 40mpg(5.88 L/100km) on the highway up to 120km/h, but at 100km/h I usually get at least 45mpg(5.23 L/100km )
My best trip ever was a 35 mile drive to work at 5am, and i achieved 54mpg( 4.36 L/100km )

The optimal highway speed for fuel economy is generally the speed limit, or around 100km/h

As far as being a good choice that is purely subjective, the car isn't made to be fancy or luxurious, it's a driver's car. That being said I've never had any comfort problems
but it will depend on what you are coming from. If you are used to a Cadillac with heated seats and dual zone automatic climate control with acoustic lined window glass,
and 150 pounds of sound deadening the mazda2 might not measure up.
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I (being in the middle of the United States) get 35 MPG in town. But, the toll roads here are about 130 km/h and my mileage there drops to about 28 MPG (8.4 L/100km).
Thanks for the replies guys. So based on your words if you keep it under 100km/h speed it usually has the best consumption but above that speed it consumes like a regular petrol car.

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