March Riverside Mazda Bi-Monthly Meet 3/15/09


CWP Mazda 3
In talking with Maurice we decided that the monthly meet would be best if moved to a bi-monthly basis. Gives everyone a break each month and gives us time to plan and organize for the next one. I think it will work out much better only being 6 times a year instead of 12 times a year.

So to get things started early for the March meet, I wanted to create this thread to drum up some more interest. I do not have sign up sheets yet as we are working on revamping those. For now any talk about the march meet can go on in here. Also check this 1st post often as new info will be added. So far the information is basic and will be changing more rapidly as the date approaches. Until then, hope to see you all on the 15th. We need to get this thing up to 100+ every month. that would just be insane!!

  • LOCATION: 8330 Indiana Ave Riverside, CA 92504
  • DATE: Sunday March 15, 2009
  • TIME: 11am with lunch starting around 11:30ish
  • Who is Invited: All MOCC members and Mazda Owners
  • WHY: To get Mazda and MOCC members together for a fun and safe time
  • Facebook Group:


Updates 2/14/09 -

  • Sign-Up Sheet - Please fill out the sign-up sheet if you plan to or are for certain attending. If you make a mistake, submit the form a 2nd time and I will delete your first submission Any questions, please ask
  • List of Attendees - You can view the list of attendees and see if something might need to be picked up and brought.

Updates 01/19/09 -

  • The raffle will be a $1 per ticket raffle this time. This will help with keeping the meet going. The money will go to help pay for food, supplies and help keep MOCC running.
  • We are looking for donations. Instead of asking people to bring stuff, which they are certainly welcome to do, we are asking for donations. Please use the donation button the main page of MOCC. Wes will make sure it goes into the treasury to help pay for this and other MOCC events.
  • Food tickets - when you arrive at the meet please check in to get your food tickets. We have been running out of food due to not having enough or some taking more than their share. Each food ticket will get you 1 entre (burger, hot dog, brat, etc) and 1 bag of chips. Each person checking in will receive 2 lunch tickets each. This is 2 per person not 1 per car so everyone can eat. Of course if after everyone has eaten there is still food, than by all means we will let you come get more
  • Outside of normal food, if you would like something special grilled up, please let us know and we can do that if you bring it. We will try and have Turkey and garden burgers for those as well as Hot Dogs, hamburgers and other stuff.

Remember, this is YOUR meet, so you will get back what you put in.

Link to thread about last meet (Round 2)... We had about 40 cars this time with tons of 3s, 6s, MSP, P5s, and regular proteges. We even had the one lone RX-8. Need more rx8s for that lonely guy...,10715.280.html
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