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Manual Trans shift knobs?

This Forum ROCKS!!! Anyone change the stock shift knob out? It is too fat for my permanently injured right paw... Will an NB Miata knob fit? Thread pattern? Aftermarket? etc...
Thanks all!
PS: I will be posting a LOT of questions here...


Oregon, USA
22v Protege5
Yo, welcome to the forums! I've already seen some of your posts around here :D

Being a big time cheapskate myself, I quickly learned that all the junkyards in my area don't inventory many of their shift knobs and you can often get them for free. Downside is that many of the good ones are gone. While this might not be the case for you, it's something to check on.

After I bought my P5, I realized that the stock shift knob was kinda lame, so I went looking for OEM knobs. I eventually found a weighted Mazda 3 5spd knob which, while not fancy, was in good condition and gives a nice, modern OEM look [see attached image]. I also found a Mazdaspeeed3 leather boot with red stitching, which I also got for free and installed with some modification and cleaning.

In terms of aftermarket, you can find something cheap like this: Generic shift knob - eBay
I got one of these with my Megan Racing short shifter kit and it's not terrible, but not the best quality and kind of generic.

I've seen that many nice, OEM shift knobs on eBay (Miata, RX8, RX7, etc.) are kind of spendy for what they actually are, and I personally avoid them. Not sure what your budget looks like but that's my preference.

Best of luck!


Thanks Benji! I have been paroozing around and found a generic cheesy 10$ one AND a 70$ I like.... Gotta get my priorities on this, a 91 Miata project car and a 19 ND Miata AE straight....
I am a Mazda gal to the core....


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
This thread may be helpful...

We have an extender on our shifter that can be removed...

This thread may be helpful...

We have an extender on our shifter that can be removed...

Thank you for this! Although the height is fine for tiny me... I have a Cobalt Short Shifter in my MIATA. Just looking for something thinner...