2007~2015 Major Issue with CX-9. Help Me!

So i bought this car and i had no problems with it at all. But out of no where everything on the dashboard came on gauges are going crazy well they were and now there not moving .... and soon as i turn the car on i hear the fan kick on loud. Im scared as hell to drive it. I have two kids. I have no idea what is going on.. but the car sounds crazy.
Did the gages went all crazy while driving ?

if that is the case then it sounds like a dead alternator. It doesn’t charge the battery anymore and when the battery gets too low the whole dashboard gets crazy. (Needles going up and down without reason. ) Then as the voltage keeps dropping the dash eventually stops working altogether.

if this is it it then it is not dangerous but don’t drive it because you will get stuck on the side of the road as soon as the battery dies completely. And power locks won’t work either, so don’t leave your kids in the car by themselves if you lock the doors.

Again if this is the alternator then once the alternator is replaced (and maybe a new battery) then everything would be back to normal.
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Also if you can get your hands on a battery charger then it would be a good idea to charge the battery today so that you can drive the car to the garage for your appointment.
i got it back from the garage. they cant find nothing wrong with it. they checked the battery the alternator. they said they are both good.... they said they hooked it up to a machine to test it. it keeps coming up link error.... they have no idea what it maybe.
they said they couldn't get it started. they tried and tried. they even hooked it up to battery charger didn't start. they let it sit came back and started up. but soon as it starts you can hear the fan kick on loud. i don't understand why no code is coming up....... i even took it to auto zone and they said the same thing yesterday that they couldn't get a code....
If 2 independent garage can’t find the issue you probably should bring it to a mazda dealer if you have one in you area.
If it is not the alternator then i agree it could be a multitude of various factors. If you don’t want the dealer to do the repairs thats fine, they can do the diagnostic and you can then get the work done somewhere else if you prefer.
Well I'm going to take it to another garage that has a bigger system to hook it up to. Now it won't start at all...... If they can't figure out what is wrong I'll have it towed to Mazda dealer ship which is an hour away of course. The system they hooked up to is the same little one they have at auto zone. Thanks for the input
A good garage/mechanic won’t turn you around without finding the issue. So they should be able to find it today. They should be doing a proper diagnostic (instead of just plugging the car into a machine). Let us know what they find out.
Second garage and still can't figure out what's wrong with the Dang car. They said we don't know what is wrong. The car won't crank over at all. We are going to guess and say its the starter. Well I can't play the guessing game in pay and it not work. So now I'm getting towed in the morning to Mazda dealer ship. And hopefully 3rd time a charm. Just blows my mind how nobody knows what's wrong with it....
Thanks for the update. I know it is hard to diagnose a car without being able to start it, but a starter wouldn’t cause the gauge to go all funky like you described. Hopefully the dealership will be able to find the cause, but i think it is either electrical or computer related. Keep us in the loop, it is nice to find out what the bottom line is on those issues.
Glad you are going to the dealer since the garages you used don't seem to have the skills needed to get to the bottom of the issue. A proper scan with the equipment capable of 'speaking' to all the various control modules on the vehicle is called for. Guessing about what it may be and throwing parts at it won't end up in a good place.

I hope that the dealer is a decent one and that they will do a proper diagnosis and report back to you exactly what is causing the issue. It certainly sounds like a wiring issue or a defective ECM. Whatever it does turn out to be I hope it's dealt with in a cost effective manner.