M5 rear bumper lights/reflectors

Hey Dima,

Where did you take your door sills? I was looking on ebay, but no luck...

And did you think about covering your handles with the chrome ones from Mazda? Do you think it could look nice on our white 5?

I got mine off ebay, I guess try ebay.com, not ebay.ca

as for door handles I have to say it is a personal choice, but I wouldn't do it. There is nothing to match it, even though I have chrome wheels
auto_parts_7 is the ebay seller with the door sills. The rear reflectors can be removed without taking off the bumper. They just pop off. My guessing for the wiring would be to tap into the taillights.
Ok here are 2 pics of the smoked reflectors I did. I did not black them out just a slight tint. It is about 3 coats of Nightshades.

For those curious I will post pics, after I wash my car this weekend, of my 3 with Blacked out reflectors.
to install rear LED reflectors you don't need to remove the bumper, but to run the wiring you do. Just save yourself time and headache and remove the bumper first.
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Dima -

Are your new lights from Ebay also reflectors? That's the big question now. I like the lights and all, but do not want to loose the reflector. It's pretty important for a black car to be a bit reflective.

And I've also found these from: http://www.therpmstore.com/
Made for M3 & MS3 so you get 4 smoked lights, but they ARE reflective, and that's important to me.

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So I found a Group Buy on a different forum for the smoked MS3 rear LED's.

But it's for all four. I on the the horn to see if we can just get the two 'side' markers to fit our rear bumpers.

I might go for the smoked look, despite the white reflector. LED red lights are LED lights - and if our license plates reflect white... then I guess my rear can match. (all aftermarket lights say for off road use only unless DOT approved).



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So do the LEDs get brighter when the brakes are on? Can't tell from the pics.
Here are some pics of my 3 with blacked out reflectors and side markers. This took about 7-8 coats of niteshades. I also blacked out my emblems.



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Hey Dima, i've just received my led reflector, and i'm wondering how to install them, i have 3 cables, 1 for ground, 1 for brake and 1 for corners, where did you pass your wires ? and how did you found the good wires to splice ?

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... and i'm wondering how to install them, i have 3 cables, 1 for ground, 1 for brake and 1 for corners, where did you pass your wires ? and how did you found the good wires to splice ?

Mine came with wiring for three options:
1) blinkers/corners
2) brake lights
3) running/parking lights

Initially I hooked up all three settings, but then following the car one day, I realized the 5 brake lights and two blinkers was just too much. So I disconnected the brake & blinker wires.

The additional lighting for the parking lights is just perfect. Money well spent.


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Mine came with corners and brake lights, and i found out how to connect it and it's perfect !
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This thread needs an update and has crucial information that I feel is missing, such as for the 2012-2015 models. I have the 2012 Sport. One thing, just remove the rear bumper. It is not hard to do. Find instructions on how to remove the Mazda 3 bumper as it is nearly the same.

Btw, you will want to buy a proper wire tap splice set. This is $15 on Amazon, but worth it and when you need them later on a project you'll be so happy to have them on hand. For 120 pieces, this is a great deal.
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Images: https://imgur.com/a/cNU7AYG

So I just installed them today and they look great and work well as driving lights and brake lights. 2012 Mazda 5 Sport.

Interesting to see that the rear lights aren't bolted in on the inside at all. Just unscrew the phillips screws and pull above there to release the white hidden nylon screw, then pull straight back. Easy to do. Not much that can be broken easily.

I didn't take off the bumper at all. If you have these two tools, it will make it really easy and fast. Everyone should have a miniature ratcheting screwdriver $7 and a long reach grabber $13. The ratcheting screwdriver allows you to take off the reflector cover up underneath the driver side by the exhaust pipe by feel since you can feel for the screw and angle screwdriver on it at the same time, while also leaving you easily enough space to get it off and then back on. The long reach tool is used to pull the electrical wire up at the end through the bumper hole to plug it in.

Btw, I used an industrial razor blade to cut a small hole on the back of the bumper reflector housing area so the electrical wire wasn't pinched at a 90 degree angle too much. The reflector housing black plastic piece that you put back on has enough space to easily pass the wire through though.

Splice wire taps are great for the connection. Also, this is the time to get a wire crimper if you don't have one.

Black on black.
White on Green with White Stripe
Red on solid green wire

I also used some duct tape to keep the wire taps stuck in place on the inside lens housing so no rattles. Seems like more than enough space in there for it in there.

Let me know if you have any questions!