Lowering the CX-9


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Count me in on the lowered look. Just a touch. I remember last year seeing at a sports car race up at Laguna Seca a very tasty CX9 I think. It was lowered just a touch, to fill up the wheel wells. Also, had wider tires and wheels. Looked great. Wishing now I to some shots of it. Dang!


Is there an adjustable suspension kit for the CX-9 ? I would like to control the height just like the Audi Allroad. Low for highway use and extra high for bad roads.....


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www.pedders.com.au have lowered springs for the CX-9. A quick check of the www.peddersusa.com e-catalogue confirms you also have this in the US. Worth a phone call I reckon.

I think the CX-9 would look great lowered! If done properly, on-road handling would be greatly improved. Particularly the dreaded front wheel drive body-roll and understeer when pushed a little through a corner. (Yes I know it's an AWD... but it's still a FWD first, AWD second).

Although I haave to agree, the best bang for your buck will be a decent set of performance tyres.



I hate the whole lowered SUVs are retarded statement.

Anything with large wheels would look instantly better with less wheel gap. I'm not suggesting slammed. I'm saying 1.5-2 inches max to get rid of wheel gap with a nice set of 20-22" rims and you'll have a good looking whip!


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I too am interested in finding out if manufacturers like Eibach or H&R comes up with lowering springs for the CX9. But, I'd like close to if not the same as stock ride ability. I don't want the suspension to be any stiffer, just lower. Progressive springs may do the trick. I'm looking at it from a practical POV for us. Me and the wifey are not very tall, and lowering the CX9 will make getting in and out easier. As it is, I think the driver side leather seat left bolster will be all chaffed up in a short time from getting rubbed by our buttocks each time we get in and out of the car. Besides, we won't be taking it off-roading anyway, so no need for all that ride height.
Lowering for better cornering is mostly a myth designed to sell aftermarket parts to those who don't understand handling mechanics.

To reduce the ride height, you have to shorten the suspension, which lessens travel. To compensate, you have to stiffen the springs, especially on a 4500lb vehicle. Because of this, when you corner, the wheels tend to hop, breaking your grip and making the cornering even worse. The change in height for a CX9 also isn't significant enough to make much difference. little lean is actually good for cornering. It presses down on the leading tire, slightly rolling it to grab better.

Lowering is totally not worth it, especially when you then have to be even more careful over bumps, driveways, and parking next to curbs. Not even for the look alone.

The CX9 handles amazingly well for a big vehicle already. I doubt anyone will improve that in their garage.
Company in Toronto called SQUEAKY CLEAN air ride is making coilovers and air suspension for these. These are coilovers


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Come on, it's not life it's off-road capable anyway...

I was looking at the car yesterday and was thinking it would look so dang sick with 2.5" drop. Problem is, I doubt there'll ever be suspension available for CX-9 in order to do that. Which car does CX-9 share chassis with?
CX-5 is the same. I went the coilover route so I could adjust to whatever ride height I want.