Lowering Springs on Stock Strut

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I'm new to 247! Looking at buying lowering springs in the near future with stock shocks and struts. Due to financial constraints, coilovers are not an option at this time. Some manufactures that I've been considering include:


Just installed new wheels and tires. Stance is almost as important to me as performance. I'd love to start a conversation!

13 Mz2 Touring MTX
I have Manzo springs on stock struts and I think they were worth it for the money. I would not spend any more than what the Manzos cost because the stock struts are garbage, and the moment you put stiffer/lower springs you will immediately hate them and start saving for proper coils. The ride quality is still bouncy, but it's now noticeably harsher. I don't regret the purchase, but as I said, I would have if I had spent more than the $100 shipped for nearly the same ride quality.
2011 Mazda 2 GS
If you're fine with a less-than-supple ride quality, any springs should be sufficient for what you're looking for. I'm on H&Rs, and while I don't hate the ride, it definitely leaves me yearning for more at times.

That being said, it looks great, and handles pretty well given the limitations. I scored a smokin' deal on my set (fronts were on a set of OEM shocks) and install took about an hour. Can't really complain for the price I paid.

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