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i have an oil pressure gauge installed and its been work'n fine till today... i was drive'n about 30mph and everything was cool, hit the clutch to downshift and i noticed my gauge went to 0. i thought that the bolt might have come loose on the pressure gauge itself, but when i check'd it, it was still tight. went for a drive and saw that it only work'd if my rpm's were above 3000 and if it drop'd below 3000rpm's, then the pressure gauge drop'd back to 0 (from 70 or so to 0 just like that). this can't be since the stock oil pressure sender hasn't alerted me of a lose of pressure. its mounted to a sandwich plate along with a oil temp gauge, could there be a leak somewhere on the sandwich plate. its mounted on the top where the 2 holes are side by side and i have a bolt close'n off the side hole. has anyone experienced this?


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2001 Mazda Protege LX
I know this post's a little old now but I was wondering if you figured out if you really losing oil pressure. My oil gauge has been doing the same thing for a while.